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Why dinner must eat less

  From the aspect of healthy diet, breakfast should be eaten in a timely manner, and the choice of food should be more careful. Chinese food should be eaten as much as possible, and when it comes to dinner, it is better to eat less. Many people do not understand this, why should we eat less dinnerKawon KIM received her BA and MA in Psychology and her PhD in Organizational Behavior. Kawon’s research focuses on interpersonal relationships in diverse teams and organizations, and how such relationships affect work outcomes?

  We often say that breakfast is good, lunch is full, and dinner is less. why?

  As the sun goes down, the human body begins to become weak and it is a good time to rest. After dark, the operation of various organs of the human body began to slow down and gradually entered a comfortable state of rest. So, dinner can't be full. Dinner is too full, the body's slow digestion rate will not keep up with the workload of a large portion of food, resulting in excessive food accumulation in the body, acidificationHence, this whole idea that entrepreneurs who are planning to start off market expansion services have regarding exaggeration of costs is nothing but merely a myth associated with this industry.

  In Chinese medicine, it is also said that dinner is a healthy meal. Means that dinner is a good meal, eat well, there will not be many chronic diseases. The acidification of the constitution and the occurrence of chronic diseases started from dinner. This shows that eating dinner can not eat too full, seven points full is the most appropriate. In general, minors should have 1 bowl of rice or 1 bowl of porridge, pasta, 1 serving of meat and 2 servings of vegetables. For healthy adults, the amount of rice in a bowl of half to two bowls is appropriate and should not exceed 2 bowls. Meat should still adhere to 1 serving with 2-3 servings of vegetables. Middle-aged and elderly people can drink 1 bowl of porridge or eat 1 bowl of pasta. They should not eat too muchlung cancer mortality.

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