Withered leaves sadness


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The moonlight homesickness

Phoenix has been old, a floating, lost half of the fall of fireworks. Yan Ying has to go, the cicadas have rest, Phoenix Mountains has fade. Yingying the moonlight, only the autumn insect accent has not changed, all the sound, not help singing. Small quiet window, wandering alone Accounting in HK, the moon waxes, gradually into the late autumn.

Alone in a foreign land, wandering night difficult sleep. Standing in the window, looked round at the Bing Xin dome in Dongsheng and cage, also the twilight remaining mist. Sometimes a wisp of smoke such as yarn, a hazy moonlight as milk; sometimes a lonely swan goose like a pen, painting a round moon picturesque.

A POU moonlight, brushed gable, leaning against the house, reflecting a curtain bamboo Shan Shan, according to one watt light Lin Lin. The thick moonlight as strong tea, like thick Xiang Yun Xiang far.

On the floor of the moon, a moon like a window at home but a shadow, moon is a poor, less the hometown moonlight warm -- as the mother's arms like warmth.

The quartzite warm hometown moonlight according to warm the alley, so home child always likes to sit in the alley to the mother speaking that month myth; warm hometown moonlight according to warm the Gujing springs, so home children like mother well boiled out of the mush; warm hometown moonlight shone warm embrace of the mother, so home children always cannot do without the gentle...... Warm hometown moonlight is still far from home Income Tax Hong Kong, the window of the poor wandering Rouchang grieved.

I can't bear to look at this strange moonlight, close your eyes, leaning in the window, leaning on floor, such as listening to a song to sing. A hometown bridges murmuring, a tick home evening drizzle, a boisterous children laughter, and mother smoke curl in calling. A native of notes, a whisper, moonlight as shallow sing, home of the usual?

Grows large, drifting further and further away. Through the numerous hills and streams, see Xiao Wu Xi cloud, even the rain at dusk, nor the most beautiful hometown moonlight.

Put on a Gui Hua like snow, a shoulder moonlight as cream. Hand out the window, take a moonlight, closing the fingers, Business Registry Hong Kong let not the thick Xiang Yun flow away.

"Hometown moonlight, as the hometown of childhood alley, on both sides of the wall, autumn insects do not live dialectal tactfully, end with you towards the long, long, long alley, where there is a window through the night do not put out the light. The most familiar gatehouse, a couple is on Yuanwang, hair on the temples as moonlight silvery white." This should be a wanderer had a dream......
by seungdd | 2013-09-13 13:25