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Ellis Island Museum reopened

This March 2007 photo shows the ferry building on Ellis Island, N.J. The island's Immigration Museum reopened on Oct. 28, 2013, a year after Superstorm Sandy flooded the iconic former U.S. immigration entry point g-suite cardinal manchester.

The Ellis Island Immigration Museum reopened to the public nearly a year after Superstorm Sandy flooded the island and left it without power for months.

NEW YORK — The island that ushered millions of immigrants into the United States received visitors Monday for the first time since Superstorm Sandy.

The halls and buildings of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum reopened to the public nearly a year after the storm. Sandy swamped boilers and electrical systems and left the 27.5-acre island without power for months.

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"It was just so heartwarming to see visitors step onto this island," said David Luchsinger, the superintendent for Ellis and the neighboring Statue of Liberty. He was at the ferry slip to welcome the first arrivals.

"This is an icon," he said, speaking of the island and its role in the nation's diversity. "It's what this country is all about g-suite in oldham."

Visitors stepping off the first returning boat included Cathy Scheer, of Riverside, Calif., who started a business trip early so she could visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. She works for a company that teaches school bus drivers.

Scheer's forebears came through Ellis from Scotland and Germany, so she was excited at "the chance to walk in my ancestors' shoes."

She and a colleague had heard about the storm damage, so "we're so happy it's open today."

More than 1 million photographs and other Ellis Island artifacts remain in storage while buildings are fixed and upgraded.

"Yes, we are shy a little bit on exhibits and artifacts, but we're not shy on character, at all," Luchsinger said while standing in the former baggage room where millions of immigrants left their belongings.

Liberty Island reopened on July 4th, but was closed again during the partial federal government shutdown.

The storm flooded the Ellis museum up to the basement ceiling and knocked out electricity, phone service and the heating and air conditioning systems. It did not imperil exhibits upstairs, but they were moved because they could have deteriorated without climate control g-suite cardinal.

Luchsinger estimated the repairs will take 18 months and $21 million in all.

Heat is currently running through an oil boiler-and-radiator system; the exhibits will remain in storage while officials figure out how to regulate the radiators sufficiently.

Luchsinger hopes that can happen in about a month.
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Become the first black senator

Cory Booker, 44, will become the first black senator from New Jersey and heads to Washington with an unusual political resume.

TRENTON, N.J. — Rising Democratic star Cory Booker, the high-profile mayor of New Jersey's biggest city, g-suite in oldham will become just the second African-American in the Senate after winning a special election.

Booker said he was able to help turn around the long-struggling city of Newark and could help channel Americans' frustration with Washington into something positive after a long, bitter fiscal feud.

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"I think everybody feels there's fatigue and frustration with how things are, which creates a great climate for change," Booker said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." ''Often before you have great victory, you have to have great frustration."

Wednesday's agreement in Washington to re-open the federal government and avert a default overshadowed Booker's victory over conservative Republican Steven Lonegan in New Jersey.

The 44-year-old Booker has long been touted as a member of a new generation of black politicians like Barack Obama and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick who can win statewide elections. Bookerwas a prominent supporter of Obama during the president's 2012 re-election campaign.

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Booker was elected to complete the 15 months remaining on the term of Frank Lautenberg, whose death in June at age 89 gave rise to an unusual and abbreviated campaign. If Booker wants to keep the seat for a full six-year term — and all indications are that he does — he will be on the ballot again in November 2014.

Booker heads to Washington with an unusual political resume. He was raised in the suburbs as the son of two of the first black IBM executives, g-suite manchester and graduated from Stanford and law school at Yale with a stint in between as a Rhodes Scholar before moving to one of Newark's toughest neighborhoods.

He's been an unconventional politician, a former college football player and a vegetarian with a Twitter following of 1.4 million — or five times the population of Newark. With dwindling state funding, he has used private fundraising, including a $100 million pledge from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, to run programs in Newark, a strategy that has brought his city resources and him both fame and criticism.

Throughout the campaign, Lonegan was aggressive, criticizing Booker during a string of homicides in Newark, holding a red carpet event in rally to mock the time Booker spent fundraising in California and declaring that "New Jersey needs a leader, not a tweeter."

Lonegan also criticized Booker when a Portland, Oregon, stripper revealed a series of not-so-salacious Twitter messages she'd exchanged with Booker, who is single. The topic resurfaced last week when Lonegan fired a key adviser after a profane interview in which the adviser suggestedBooker's words were "like what a gay guy would say to a stripper."

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Lonegan had called it "strange" that Booker won't say whether he's gay. Booker, for his part, has said his sexuality should not matter to voters and has been elusive on the subject.

At a debate this month, Lonegan responded to Booker's comments about the need for environmental regulations to clean a river through Newark. "You may not be able to swim in that river g-suite cardinal," he said. "But it's probably, I think, because of all the bodies floating around of shooting victims in your city."

Booker seemed stunned at the remark, and his campaign has criticized Lonegan for it.

Both candidates drew on some big names for support — Oprah Winfrey helped raise funds forBooker, former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin campaigned for Lonegan.

Booker will join Republican Tim Scott of South Carolina as the only black members of the 100-seat U.S. Senate. Scott was appointed by the state's governor to fill a vacancy, meaning Booker is the first African-American to win a Senate seat since Obama did in 2004.
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